Office Delve application for Windows 10 Review

Microsoft recently released the preview of the Office Delve application for Windows 10. In this article, I will take you through a review of the Office Delve application for Windows 10.

Getting the Office Delve App

Firstly, you can get the Office Delve application in the Windows store. Just follow the link below to get to the application.

Preview available here:

Here is the description for the Office Delve application in the store:

Office Delve for Windows 10 Preview - Delve helps you stay in the know about what people around you are working on. You’ll be notified about document updates, and get document suggestions that are relevant to your work. You can also find people and get back to your recent documents.

You can only use this app with an Office 365 work or school account that has Office Delve enabled by your Office 365 admin.

Key features:

  • Get updates about what your colleagues are working on
  • Find relevant documents and attachments based on people you know
  • Get back to important documents you're actively working on

In Delve you'll only see content that has been shared with you. This means your colleagues won't see your private documents, and you won't see theirs.

IMPORTANT: You can only use this app if your organization uses Office 365 and Office Delve.

Experience the Office Delve App

Once you have installed the application and start using the Office Delve application, you are firstly asked to log in.

Office Delve login

Figure 1 - Office Delve login

After successful login, the application connects to your Office 365 tenant and retrieve the relevant information for the Delve experience.

Office Delve loading information

Figure 2 - Office Delve loading information

The first view you are presented in the Office Delve application is the Discover view. Here you can discover what documents people are working on around you in your organization.

Office Delve Discover view

Figure 3 - Office Delve Discover view

At the top left, you have a search box to search for documents and people in your organization. Which provides a nice way to quickly find information.

Office Delve search

Figure 4 - Office Delve search

Each document is presented as a card with relevant information related to the document as title, preview image, type of document, last modified and who has modified the document.

The Office Delve application provides a navigation menu on the left-hand side. On the menu you have the following options:

  • Menu (This expands the menu to read each buttons title)
  • Me
  • Favorites
  • Discover
  • Notifications
  • Colleagues (Multiple menu items)
  • Feedback about Delve
  • Settings
Office Delve navigation menu

Figure 5 - Office Delve navigation menu

The Me menu item provides a view to your personal profile. Here the information is divided into various sections as follow:

  • Profile information
  • Organization
  • Works with
  • Your recent documents and attachments
  • Discover documents from people around you
Office Delve Me view

Figure 6 - Office Delve Me view

Favorites menu item provides a view to show documents you marked as favorites to follow. Here you can remove a document from your favorites list. In all other views, you can add documents to your favorites by clicking on the ribbon on the document card view.

Office Delve Favorites view

Figure 7 - Office Delve Favorites view

Notifications menu item is there to show or hide your colleague's list. Selecting a colleague, you are presented with their profile information in a view and here you can explore documents that they are working on. Here you will also find notifications related to each colleague.

Office Delve Colleague view

Figure 8 - Office Delve Colleague view

Feedback about Delve menu item allows you to provide feedback on the application, and I encourage you to give feedback to Microsoft. This will help everyone to have a great experience when the final version is released.

Office Delve feedback form

Figure 9 - Office Delve feedback form

The last menu item is the Settings menu. Here you can set the following configuration:

  • Show my profile when Delve starts
  • Open and view documents in browser
  • Delve notifications
  • Clear application cache
  • Sign out
Office Delve Settings view

Figure 10 - Office Delve Settings view

Comparing to Delve web experience

Office Delve started as a web experience, and there are constant changes in the web version on your Office 365 tenant. As you can see in Figure 11, the Delve web version has many more interaction capabilities.

Office Delve Compare Desktop to Web

Figure 11 - Office Delve Compare Desktop to Web

Since the Office Delve application is still in preview, we can only hope the application gets better aligned to the web version when the final version is released.


The Office Delve application for Windows 10 is another great tool to quickly get information from your Office 365 tenant. It provides quick insight on what is going on around you and your colleagues which will help you to be productive every day.

There are two features that I would like to see added to the application that is available on the web version, and that is Boards and Analytics. This will provide more value to using the application on a daily basis.

In general, I'm happy with the preview release of Office Delve for Windows 10 application. If you have not installed the Office Delve for Windows 10 yet, then do it now!

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